KSG (Kids Small Groups) - Duct Tape Night!

KSG (Kids Small Groups) - Duct Tape Night!

Kids Small Groups (KSG) kick off with Duct Tape Night! Show off your most creative duct tape designs and apparel as we launch an amazing school year together! KSG is a great chance for kids to get to know their peers and learn more about God.

Wednesday, Aug. 16
7 p.m.

Our keyword for KSG is "deeper." We desire to help kids grow deeper in three things: 

  1. Deeper in worship
  2. Deeper in relationship with God
  3. Deeper in relationship with peers

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 can choose to participate in any one of the small groups we offer. Blast is a grade-specific set of small groups, while Missionettes and Royal Rangers are gender-specific small groups. There is a club element to Missionettes and Royal Rangers which requires a small fee in order to participate in badges and merits. This fee is not required, however, in order to be in the Missionette or Royal Ranger small groups.

Questions? Please email us or call (630) 585-3218.
We are always looking for adults who will help with small groups. If you are interested in being part of KSG, please sign up here!


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