Twice each year, Calvary gives special emphasis to the global vision and outreach that our church has had since its inception. We are excited to celebrate missions during our spring celebration!

During this time, missionaries from all over the world joined us, and they were featured guests at several activities throughout the week. These missionaries travel locally and abroad to help with disaster relief, plant orphanages and churches, raise up local leaders and provide basic needs for the hungry and homeless. Through missions, we are seeing God change lives and give new hope to the lost and forgotten.



Jeff Hartensveld Jeff Hartensveld – Guest Speaker
Jeff is the director of the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) Mobilization Department. Under Jeff’s leadership, the mobilization department helps to develop strong relationships between missionaries, district leaders and churches. Jeff’s passion for reaching the lost remains paramount in his duties as director. His vision is to launch workers into the harvest as quickly as possible so that all people will hear the good news. Jeff and his wife, Liz, have been missionaries together since 1989. They have three children: Leah, Kelly and Rebekah.

Dave and Debbie Amsler Dave & Debbie Amsler Guatemala
Dave and Debbie serve children and youth as founders and directors of One Way Guatemala and co-directors of Planet Kids, a church for children of missionaries to Guatemala. They previously served full-time in youth ministries in Illinois and Kentucky, including 16 years as district youth directors.

Richard and Wanda Ferguson Richard & Wanda Ferguson – Peru
Rich and Wanda serve as the National Children and Youth Ministries Directors for the Assemblies of God Peru, and they oversee and direct Master’s Commission Peru. They will serve as the National Directors for Global University in Peru, and they were recently named the Global University South America Regional Coordinators. They will also teach in the Assemblies of God Seminary in Lima and have been asked to continue teaching in the Latin American Advanced School of Theology (LAAST) in Peru and in other countries, as well.

Jeff and Wendy Garrett Jeff & Wendy Garrett – Tanzania
Jeff and Wendy are planting churches among the Gujarati and Punjabi Indians and are equipping church planters with a higher education. They work in close partnership with the Tanzania Assemblies of God in everything related to its strategic plan. The couple married in 1997, were approved as fully-appointed AGWM missionaries to Tanzania in 2001, and have six children: Michaela, Schuyler, Zachary, Christiana, Enoch and Chara.

Justin and Liz Hansen Justin & Liz Hansen – Thailand
Justin and Liz served in pastoral ministry before going overseas. They just completed their first term in language training and will return to Thailand to be involved in leadership training and church planting among unreached people groups. The couple graduated from CBC and have three children: Allie, Asher and Liam.

Charles and Kehinde Moodie Steve & Jennifer – North Africa
Steve and Jennifer have served in Africa since 2003 and currently pastor an international church in North Africa. Their church is a visible witness in a country of 34 million people, 99% of whom are Muslim. They serve as member care to the Live Dead team and national director/interim regional director of Global University AGMENA.

Charles and Kehinde Moodie Charles & Kehinde Moodie – Chicago, IL
Charles and Kehinde are missionaries to the south side of Chicago. They previously served as full-time missionary associates under Chris and Monica DeLaurentis. This past June, the DeLaurentises evated Charles and Kehinde to the lead pastors. The couple’s church, Chicago City Life Center, is dedicated to reaching the broken and restoring hope in Jesus’ name.

Francis MurenziFrancis Murenzi – Rwanda
Francis is the director of Come and See Rwanda, the sister organization of Come and See Africa International. He oversees all businesses of the Lighthouse Ministry Center and the ministries of CASR in southern Rwanda. These ministries include the university campus, churches and compassion ministries. Francis has a BA in Law and Christian Religious Education.

Mark and Victoria TurneyMark & Victoria Turney – Togo
Mark and Victoria have been based in Togo since 2012, working with the Acts in Africa Initiative and the Decade of Pentecost emphasis across Africa. They have served in Africa since 1992 through Bible school training, church planting and evangelism. In their next term, they will be working full-time with the West Africa Advanced School of Theology (WAAST) in Lomé, Togo.

Luke and Tanya McKinleyLuke & Tanya McKinley –  Lithuania
Luke & Tanya’s big dream is to see a church planting movement happen in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. They are so thankful for the time they have spent in Estonia. However, after much prayer and talking with leadership, they will be making a move!  After their year of itineration, Luke, Tanya and their 3 children will move to Vilnius, Lithuania to plant a life-giving church! 



Missions pledges (formerly called Faith Promises) are used at Calvary Church to support missions. These are one-year commitments—from April 2017 through March 2018. A missions pledge is what a person agrees, after prayer, to give to missions as God enables—over and above a tithe.

Missions Pledge funds are used for:

  • Monthly support for more than 200 missionaries and missions organizations
  • Missions projects such as church buildings, equipment, vehicles, Bible schools, student tuition and disaster relief

If you would like to commit to a Missions Pledge this year, please use the link below.

Make a Missions Pledge  Give Toward a Missions Pledge




Calvary Church believes in the importance and power of missions. We take teams to other places of the world (and our own country) to tell people about God’s love, to lend a helping hand to areas in need and to encourage the missionaries, pastors and congregations who have been called there by God.

Join one (or many!) of our missions trip opportunites, and discover how God can use you to love others.

Missions Trip Opportunities


Support a 2017 Calvary Missions Trip:

 Nicaragua: (NXT Sr Hight) March 25-April 3 – Pastor Eric Dunker

  • Children’s evangelism with King’s Castle

Lugoj, Romania: April 24-May 4 – Pastor Rich Wooten & Wanda Burgund

  • Construction & community outreach for orphanage and refugee centers

Glasgow, Scotland: June 11-20 – Wanda Burgund & Robbie Gonzalez

  • Renovations & community outreach

Kewanee, IL: June 19-25 – Pastor Ron Markese

  • Ministry with Rural Compassion

Haiti: June 24-30 – Pastor Jason McElwee & Wendy Waltmire

  • Construction/Renovations & Children’s Ministry with Convoy of Hope Field Teams     

Lithuania: October 2-11 – Pastor Tim Loar & Wanda Burgund

  • Construction, renovation & outreach

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: November 2-12 – Pastor Michael Grove

  • Outreach     

Dominican Republic: December 5-12 – Pastor Alberto Lopez

  • Children’s ministry in schools & Christmas outreach

Support a project of a 2017 Convention Team Missionary:

Dave & Debbie Amsler: Guatemala

  1. Planet Kids - Lunch: $200/Sunday; Kitchen Equipment: $25 - $1000; Christmas Dinner: $4/person; Christmas Gifts: $5-$10; Decorations/Supplies: $500
  2. One Way Guatemala - Production Equipment: $1200; Kid’s Prizes: $500; Literature (gospel tracks): $1000; Candy: $50 per outreach
  3. Shoes for Adela - Shoes/socks for children: $8 per pair
  4. USB Resource Project: $6 each
  5. Vacation Bible School for New Hope (100 kids)-snacks: $200; crafts: $200; materials: $200

Richard Ferguson: Peru

  1. Soccer Salvation Camp (Boys) / Volleyball and Values Camp (Girls) Cost per camp $3500 - Balls: $900; Bibles: $750; T-Shirts: $1000; Meals: $600; Prizes: $250  
  2. Discipleship Materials - Children: $2000; Youth: $500
  3. Global University- Univ. Extension Studies (5 students): $500/Course

Jeff & Wendy Garrett: Tanzania

  1. Tawi Village Church Planting Initiative (20’ x 25’ church buildings): $1,500
  2. Hindi-speaking urban churches among Gujarati & Punjabi Indians: $100 / ft2
  3. Language school for 5 months: $250/month per family member 

Justin & Liz Hansen: Thailand

  1. Urdu Fire Bibles: $1000
  2. Church plant (chairs, stage, pulpit, signs, etc); $5000
  3. Scholarships for School of Ministry to prepare to be Church Planters: $5000

Charles & Kehinde Moodie: Chicago, IL  

  1. Security system- Initial setup fee; $499.00; Equipment $2133.57/yr.
  2. Van (12-15 passenger)
  3. Bouncy House for fall and winter outreaches

Francis Murenzi: Rwanda

  1. Sponsor a student: 30 students at $30/mo.
  2. Cow for widows’ program cooperative: $400/widow  
  3. Health insurance for widows’ cooperative: $500 total
  4. Rwandan Conference Scholarships (student travel costs): $2000 (for 400 university students from 6 countries)
  5. Lighthouse Ministry Center outreach (ministers to students at University of Rwanda, over 50 local pastors, outreach to widows and children): $4000

Mark & Victoria Turney: Togo

  1. Bible school equipment (all 220 volt for overseas): 1 color laser printer/scanner: $500; 2 b/w laser printer/scanner ($250ea.): $500; 6 – UPS battery backups for computers ($175ea.): $1050; Portable PA System: $500; 2 video projectors ($500 ea.): $1000; Currency counting machine: $250; 6 – voltage regulators for office equipment ($90 ea.): $450
  2. Bible school teacher training certification seminar: $2,500

Luke & Tanya McKinley: Lithuania

  1. 10 week Alpha Course: $250/week
  2. iPad for audio controls for Church Plant: $400
  3. Computer for Church Plant: $2,200
  4. New Believer’s Discipleship Book: $15 each

Join us in supporting the ongoing projects of over 200 Missionaries Calvary Church supports on a monthly basis by making a one year Missions Pledge!


Missions Small Group Video — English


Missions Small Group Video — Spanish

Missionary Videos

Dave & Debbie Amsler – Guatemala

Richard & Wanda Ferguson – Peru

Jeff & Wendy Garrett – Tanzania

Justin & Liz Hansen – Thailand

Charles & Kehinde Moodie – Chicago, IL

Francis Murenzi – Rwanda

Mark & Victoria Turney – Togo

Luke & Tanya McKinley – Lithuania