Family Pastor

Job Posted: Aug. 19, 2021

The role of the Family Pastor is to build the staff, teams, systems, and processes that direct young adults and young families onto pathways designed to help them become fully devoted holistic followers of Christ.

  • Build systems that help young adults and young families KNOW GOD through sound Biblical doctrine that systematically connects their daily life to a Biblical world view.
    • Define unique discipleship pathways that engage young adults and young families in measurable ways.
    • Create and implement programs that continually move young adults and young families along a discipleship pathway.
  • Create opportunities for young adults and young families to FIND FREEDOM as they connect with God in groups gathered around peers in similar life stages.
    • Develop and build young adult groups.
    • Develop and build young family groups.
  • Help young adults DISCOVER PURPOSE as they learn their personal gifts and how they were uniquely designed by God.
    • Create opportunity for young adults to explore their gifts.
    • Create leadership pipelines for young adults and leaders.
  • Activate young adults and young families to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
    • Give opportunity to serve the church and the community.
    • Engage young adults in the mission of Calvary Church.
    • Create leadership opportunities for young adults throughout Calvary services.
  • Joyfully participate in all pastoral duties as a member to the Calvary Pastoral Team, including leading well, innovating in your assigned role, and supporting the vision and mission set by the senior pastor.