Fellowship Hall Remodel


Total needed: $1,000,000

Construction began on July 5!

Thank you for helping us reach 1,000 new families in our community!


1,000 seats. 1,000 lives. 1,000 reasons.

Life-changing ministry occurs every week at Calvary Church. Beyond the Sanctuary, we reach across generational and cultural lines to impact growing populations in our area — specifically the Spanish-speaking community and young adults. A remodel of the Fellowship Hall will create a space that gives these congregations the ability to grow and minister as an extension of our weekend worship experience.

Since this Route 59 campus was built in 1993, one space has only been slightly updated—the Fellowship Hall. Off the beaten path of our main corridor, this multi-purpose room has been a central location for weekly ministry, from Believer’s Life classes to membership seminars to volunteer banquets. The Fellowship Hall is used to host more than 300 events each year. This transformation will provide adequate seating, a modern environment and updated technology.

Moving ahead, our vision is to use the Fellowship Hall as an extension of our weekend services. This plan requires a much-needed renovation to create an environment that fosters life-changing weekend worship experiences for:

Renovation Budget

This is how you can participate

The Fellowship Hall renovation project is a debt-free initiative. During the next six months, we are raising funds to fulfill this effort. You can pledge an amount to be given during this time period, or you can give a one-time gift.

Ways to Give:

Help us by committing to support the financial goal of raising $1 million for this project. Your gift will help propel the vision of reaching 1,000 new families in our community.

We also need your prayers during this renovation. Pray for wisdom and provision and that the remodel of this space would usher in a new season of ministry that enables us to reach more people than ever before.

Fellowship Hall Pledge


    Fellowship Hall Updates

    Update: Day 70

    October 14 is quickly approaching, and we can't wait to show you the brand new Fellowship Hall. In one week, we begin a lifetime of life-changing ministry for those within and outside the walls of our church building.

    What's been happening this week?

    • Carpet is down
    • Screens are up
    • Drywall is painted
    • Chairs have arrived 
    • Speakers are up and working
    • Projectors are up and working
    • Stage set for mics and instruments

    What's left?

    • Final dusting
    • Final painting
    • Sound checks
    • Final vacuuming
    • Chairs to be arranged
    • Theatrical lighting placement

    Update: Day 65

    We're finishing week 12 of renovation, and the excitement is building (pun intended). In two weeks, the Fellowship Hall doors will open for ministry and ultimately help us impact more families in our community.

    Check out the latest progress: 

    • Drywall is done
    • Ceiling tiles are up
    • Removable walls are finished
    • Projector installation has begun
    • Floors are cleaned and prepped
    • Carpet will be installed this week
    • Back wall is stained and finished
    • Audio and video are being installed
    • Lighting wiring over stage is finishing

    Update: Day 60

    Week 11 brings us a shape of the future. The heavy-lifting, load-bearing work is coming to an end, and the details that make a house a home have started. Take a peek at what else is going on in the hall!

    • Old carpet glue removed
    • Ceiling tiles are going up
    • Lighting is nearly finished
    • Drywall is getting into place
    • Stage is trimmed and painted
    • Removable walls are carpeted
    • Backwall is stained and finished
    • Floor prep for new carpet has begun
    • Sound equipment installation to begin

    Update: Day 55

    Sometimes, a picture tells more than words. These picture tell a thousand reasons to make a difference.

    Update: Day 50

    This week, we saw a cloud form before our very eyes, and stubborn carpet remnants stick below our feet. (The world needs faith as tenacious as that old carpet!) That’s just the beginning:

    • Stage trimming is being finished
    • Underground electrical complete
    • Ceiling grid complete
    • Constructions on back wall began
    • Fire alarm installations beginning
    • Lighting work ongoing
    • Sound booth closed
    • Removable walls nearly finished
    • Projector installation beginning

    Update: Day 45

    We're just finishing renovation week eight and the future is appearing before our eyes. Electrical work will be inspected Friday and the new carpet is waiting patiently for its time to shine. Check out what else is happening in the hall:

    • Installation of carpeting on removable walls
    • Patching up stage electrical access points
    • Ongoing rigging for A/V and lighting
    • Ongoing ceiling grid electrical work
    • Floors getting ready to be sanded
    • Heating vent drops brought in
    • Cloud system almost done
    • Preliminary painting 

    Update: Day 40

    Weeks six and seven worked hard together (just like our crew) to make sure the fellowship hall will be comfortable and welcoming to all who step foot on the (ordered and shipping) carpet.

    • Media sound booth equipment installed
    • Media casings constructed
    • Ongoing electrical work in the stage and in the ceiling
    • Curved media wall design material mock-ups
    • HVAC completed
    • A/V equipment rigging to begin
    • Additional steel for A/V equipment 

    Update: Day 30

    Week five is looking alive! This week we saw both finishing touches and beginning preparations. All hands are on deck for every stage of this exciting process. Take a look at our recent progress!

    • New sprinklers installed
    • Media sound booth constructed
    • Stage remodeled
    • Lighting and ceiling grid prep
    • A/V low voltage rough-ins
    • Carpet ordered
    • Overhead cloud system prep
    • Electrical work is ongoing
    • Curved media wall finishing touches

    Update: Day 25

    Week four has brought so much more. This week's progress has been (very) behind the scenes. You may not see all the electrical work and sprinkler reconstruction, but it's all necessary for the final renovation. Here's what else is happening:

    • Curved media wall final touches
    • Extensive mechanical work
    • Media sound booth construction
    • Audio/Video rough-ins complete
    • Acoustical grid work starts Monday
    • Lighting work starts Monday
    • More carpentry work begins Monday

    Update: Day 20

    “This was a very good week,” was the encouraging news from the Fellowship Hall renovation crew. Superfluously glued carpet couldn't’t keep this dedicated group down. This week we’ve seen:

    • (Nearly) all carpet removed
    • Electrical work started
    • Old audio/video set up demolition
    • New HVAC system installation
    • Curved projection wall construction
    • Stage demo started

    Update: Day 15

    After only two weeks of work, we are officially a week ahead! Despite hot and wet weather, the Fellowship Hall progress is going strong.

    • All steel beams installed
    • Old HVAC removed
    • Old audio/video wiring removed
    • Electrical work ready to start on Monday
    • Carpet to be removed Monday
    • Work on curved projection wall begins Monday

    Update: Day 10

    Out with the old and in with the new. Construction is under way in our Fellowship Hall! In just over a week, so much progress has already been made!

    • Original steel beams removed
    • Moveable walls removed
    • Ceiling tiles and grid removed
    • All lights removed
    • Back wall painted
    • New duct work being redone
    • Electrical work started
    • New A/C unit installed
    • Beginning installation of new steel beams