Sunday Mornings

Groups & Classes

FrontRunners (40+)

(9:15 a.m.)

Our Sunday morning FrontRunners class is a ministry for men and women (married and single) who are age 40+. Our primary goal is to provide study topics and fellowship that relate to and address various interests for this life stage. Join us this fall as we continue to dive into the word and grow together.  

Parables: Spiritual Truths in Everyday Comparisons

June 2- July 28
9:15 a.m.
Room 221

In the Gospels, Jesus used the art of storytelling to explain kingdom principles.  These Biblical parables present profound spiritual trusts in stories relating to everyday life.  This class will take a deeper look into God’s word to learn how the Lord reveals His kingdom to us through these parables.  

Intercessory Prayer

Joan Scottberg
Prayer Room
(9 a.m.)

If you are new to prayer, are a seasoned prayer warrior or just want to join others in prayer, join us for this time of intercession and worship. We will seek the heart of God and pray according to his will for our church, its leaders and its ministries.

God's Watchman The Story of Ezekiel

Chris Haywood
Doug Chatfield
(10:30 a.m.)

Israel has rebelled against God, but God doesn’t leave them without hope. The Babylonian invaders have taken captives and one of them is a priest named Ezekiel. God sets Ezekiel as his watchman over Israel to warn them about their sin and to promise a bright future and a new covenant if they repent