Main Event (Kindergarten-5th Grade)

What is Main Event?
Main Event is the best week of the summer! In this Kindergarten through 5th grade experience, kids are drawn into Bible teaching through exciting dramas and hands-on activities. Each night launches with an opening session that introduces kids to a Biblical truth that will help them understand who God says they are. Large group worship and teaching gives kids a concept that will be reinforced throughout the night as they travel to various rotations where they experience practical application for the Big Idea. At the end of the night, parents are encouraged to join their kids for the closing session where a dramatic experience brings the Big Idea home in a tangible way for kids. This year, our drama experience joins Alice in her journey to Wonderland as she learns her true identity. Through this whimsical story, kids join Alice in her struggle to fully understand just what her true purpose is and what she was created to do. Our goal is to help kids understand that God made them on purpose, with a purpose! Alice's journey to defeat the Jabberwocky will inspire kids to have the confidence to be whoever God created them to be!

When and where is Main Event?
July 16-20, 2018 (Monday-Friday). 6 - 9 p.m.
Calvary Church (9S200 Route 59, Naperville, IL 60564)

How does Main Event work?
Main Event starts July 16 at 6 p.m. The doors to the building will open at 5 p.m. If you have not registered your child in advance, it is recommended that you show up right when doors open. When you register your child, they are assigned to an age-specific group. Inside their grade group, they are placed into a smaller group of 10 kids with 2 counselors. This smaller group is numbered. You will receive this information in advance when you pre-register.

The doors to the sanctuary will open at 5:30 p.m. Upon entering the sanctuary for the opening session, your child will be ushered to the proper section where people will help them find their group number. This information is printed on your child's name badge and will help assure your child is always in the right group at all times throughout the night.

During the opening session, your child will be presented with a Big Idea for the day. This Big Idea is repeated throughout their Main Event experience no matter what rotation they are in. From the opening session, the Big Idea will come to life for the kids as they go through three different rotations. Each of the three rotations is designed to help kids connect the Big Idea with their daily life as they experience a dramatic Bible teaching, hands-on activities and interactive illustrations during their snack experience.

At the end of the evening, kids join back together in the sanctuary to experience the closing session of the evening. Here, they see a professionally styled drama that helps tie the Big Idea into their daily life. Parents are encouraged to join us for this closing session. A special section of the Sanctuary will be reserved for parents.

How much does it cost?
Early registration is $30 (register by June 10).
Late registration is $40 (register by July 8).
Online registration closes July 8.
Late registration resumes during services July 14-15 (on campus only).
On-sight registration will be offered for $10 a day, or $50 a week.

How does on-sight registration work?
If you missed the opportunity to pre-register your children for Main Event, don't worry! There are two options for on-sight registration:

  1. Daily Registration: In this option, you are able to sign your child up each day. This works great if you are unable to have your child attend the entire week, but still want them to be part of this great experience. Simply bring them to church the night of Main Event and sign them up in the lobby. Please note that all kids signing up daily will be placed in a new group each day; there is no guarantee they will be in the same group each day. If you only sign up for one day, there is an additional $5 t-shirt fee.
  2. Full Week Registration: If you missed the chance to sign up early, but are still able to have your child attend for the entire week, simply sign up at Main Event on Monday in the lobby. They will be placed in the best available group and will remain in this group for the entire week.

Please note there are limited t-shirt quantities for on-sight registration.

Is food provided?
There is a snack rotation each night. All snacks offered during Main Event will be safe to consume for kids with nut allergies. We do not allow snacks to be offered in any of our environments that have nuts or have been made in a facility that processes nuts. However, if your child is allergic to wheat, dairy, soy or any other food products, for their safety, they will receive water, but no food snack for the entire week. Due to the number of various allergies, kids are not allowed to bring food with them to Main Event. Please carefully list your child's food allergies that would prevent them from receiving a snack at Main Event when you register.

How does my child find out what group they are in?
Those who register on-sight will receive their group information when they sign up.

Packets with t-shirts, name badges and final information about Main Event will be available for preregistered students during weekend and mid-week services at the Main Event booth starting July 1. Once you pick up your child's packet, their name badge will have their specified group printed on it.

Can my child choose the peers that are in their group?
One of our NXT Kids values is for kids to connect with God as well as their peers and leaders who will help them build that connection! For that reason, we do not allow kids to pick their groups. We have, however, built intentional steps into Main Event for all kids to connect with others. Whether through small group discussion, traveling buddies in the hallway or intentionally partnering students together during the activity, each counselor receives specific training on how to help kids connect with one another. The goal is for every single child to leave Main Event with a new friend, as well as a stronger relationship with old friends.

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