Master Class

Welcome to Calvary’s Master Classes. We believe in biblical literacy, and that is why we are excited to offer these opportunities to explore the Bible in depth. Each class is led by a scholar specializing in a particular field. Check out our newest in-person class or catch up on past classes.

How to be a Transformational Leader

Listening is one of the most crucial, yet overlooked, skills a leader can develop. Effective communication extends beyond speeches and presentations; it involves cultivating a team's ability to listen actively—to each other, to the needs of clients, and to the needs of the organization.

Wednesday, June 5
7-8:30 p.m.

Seminar Room

In this two-part class, Dr. Chris Owen (a pioneer in the field of audiological leadership) introduces a leadership model that is effective for everyone. This approach will help you listen with greater clarity and confidence to the voice of God, your team, and yourself.

Master Class: On Demand

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How to Read the Bible
w/ Marc Turnage

This class will give you an in-depth understanding of scripture and its background. You’ll develop the tools to discover and apply the meaning of scripture and come away better understanding the Bible’s context.

How to Read Revelation
w/ Dr. Melissa Archer

We have often reduced Revelation to a road-map for end time events and left behind its message and theology. This Master Class will help us read Revelation worshipfully through the world of the text rather than the lens of our culture.

How to Engage a Divided Culture
w/ Pastor Sean Sloan

Jesus showed us how to be a listening and loving presence in the conversations that are currently dividing culture. This class will dive into God's design for how the church should engage with humanity.

How to Think Biblically About Sexuality w/ Dr. A.J. Swoboda

How to Overcome the Battle of the Mind
w/ Liana Cruz

We believe in the importance of biblical literacy. That's why we welcomed Dr. A.J. Swoboda to speak on a biblical view of sexuality and how to approach the subject with boldness, conviction, and grace.
This class will equip you with the tools you need to understanding your emotional and mental health through a biblical lens. You will walk away knowing exactly what God says about these issues and how we can overcome our struggle with the word of God.