Every child deserves the opportunity to know God and His plan for their life.

We believe God is setting up the next generation of the church as our young people learn and grow in their understanding of God and His plan for their life. Our goal is to help kids learn the truth about who God is, while helping them understand their unique purpose on this earth.

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Calvary Kids Worship Video Contest

We are excited to announce our first Calvary Kids music video challenge.

We are looking for a fun music video for the Calvary original track, “It’s all about you, Jesus.”  We want to find students who discover the most creative and expressive way of telling the story behind the song.
Students will be judged in three main categories:
  1.  Visual Appeal: Was the video entertaining and did it look good
  2. Creativity: Was the video unique in production and did it challenge the viewer to think
  3. Explanation of the song: Is the student able to explain what the lyrics mean and why the video was shot the way it was in order to express these lyrics and concepts.

The winner of the contest will have their video featured at our July FAM JAM, as well as win a large prize package including a PS5.
  • All videos have to be written, explained and produced by a kid in 5th grade or under.
    • This does not mean that they can’t have help from others including  videographers, editors, or actors. It just means they have to be the one to clearly explain the concepts and what the song means.
  • All videos must be uploaded to the link that will be provided once registration is complete on or before the deadline date (June 17). No late videos will be accepted once deadline has passed.
  • Videos must cover the entire length of the song. Videos may have a 30-second lead in as well as a 30-second concluding scene if desired.
  • Lyrics must be on the screen in the lower third of the song as it plays.
Judging will be done by three separate teams:
  1. Visual Appeal: This segment of judging will be done by our Calvary Church Family and your peers! All videos will be posted to our Calvary Kids Website with a way for people to cast their vote.
  2. Creativity: This segment of judging will be done by a team of our Calvary Church Media specialists. The video will be judged on technique, coloring, flow, and edits. 
  3. Explanation of song: This segment of judging will be done by a group of writers who wrote the original track.
There is a $20 entry fee for each video. Contestants may register more than one video if desired, however, each video must be entered as its own registration with fee.

Tuesday Night Kids Small Groups

Join us for Tuesday night in-person small groups for kids in grades K–5! No need to pre-register!


You can also join a Zoom small group on Tuesday nights! Click the link below, and fill out a short form. We'll send you a confirmation email with a Zoom link as well as all the information necessary to join the group.

We now have a class for 4-year olds featuring worship and a message tailored for their age. This is not a small group, but is offered at the same time on Tuesdays.

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Noah’s park is a great place for kids to begin their journey of knowing God. A team of loving adults pray and sing over our kids in safe, secure environments. Our goal is to have every child know that God loves them!
Our early-elementary ministry is a great place for kids to continue their journey of knowing God and his plan for their life. In our age 4 through grade 1 environments, we begin building foundational truths about God and the Bible, model putting others first, and focus on wanting what God wants!
Our Elementary team is dedicated to helping students in grades 2–5 understand God and his plan for their life. We believe it to be vital for this age to begin learning truths about what God wants for them. Here, we help kids explore what it looks like to honor God in their decisions and attitude while learning to use their talents, abilities and gifts to serve God and others.

child dedication

Child Dedication is an opportunity to publicly declare your intentions to raise your child in a Christian home. It is a time when parents commit themselves to abiding by biblical principles and standards. Not only are you dedicating your child to God, but you are also dedicating yourselves as parents to Christ and the church.


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