"The Africa Worship Center will be a center for worship and prayer on the
continent of Africa.  From here, a light will shine, and the whole world will
know that there is a God in Africa."

Africa Worship Center

Calvary Church is partnering with Beza International Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to help complete their new "Africa Worship Center." We are coming together to raise $300,000 to purchase the main components of their auditorium. Not only will the auditorium be used for church services, but for conventions, government meetings, and special regional events as well. The space will create an opportunity to bring the city into the church and expose national and international leaders to the gospel. This 7,000-seat facility will be unlike any other in the city of Ethiopia. It will house several breakout rooms and meeting halls for conferences, lectures, training, seminars, and corporate events. With an eye on emerging generations, the worship center will be an inviting place for kids and youth, providing attractive facilities and programs designed to inspire, empower, and leave a mark on generations to come. Join us as we partner together to see this vision come to life!

About Beza

Beza International Church is uniquely positioned to advance the gospel through Ethiopia to all of Africa. As the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is home to both the African Union and the Economic Commission for Africa. As critical as these institutions are to Africa’s development, we know that a nation’s problems are not political or economic in nature. Proverbs 14:34
says “Righteousness exalts a nation.” We need a spiritual commission for Africa, and the Africa Worship Center exists to champion a cause of righteousness.

Watch Our Vision Video Here:

Calvary + Beza

Calvary has a long history with Beza International Church. Dr. Betta Mengistu, the founder of Beza, and his family have been a part of the Calvary family ever since a God-orchestrated encounter with Calvary’s founding pastor, Bob Schmidgall. Dr. Betta served as Calvary’s executive pastor for 10 years and is still a valued and respected elder of the church. After a vision and calling from God to “redeem nations in righteousness,” Dr. Betta consulted with Pastor Ross and leadership. Through many prayers and blessings, they heard God calling Dr. Betta and family to Ethiopia. Ever since then, the Calvary family has been spiritually and financially supporting what many call Calvary East.